Tales to Astonish #70

Posted in To Be HULKinued · Nov. 25, 2016, 1:18 p.m. · 124 words

"To Live Again!" — You know, I really did try to avoid giving away the ending of the last issue, but that title has just blown the whole affair. Okay, Bruce Banner just got himself shot dead by the US Army, and so Rick Jones immediately sets about hustling the corpse to one of the secret caches of scientific equipment that seemingly riddle the hills around Gamma Base. The result: the Hulk lives again, as big, green and strong as ever, but with Bruce Banner's mind (for now, at least). From there it's straight into action, as the Leader takes a hired-gun job for a foreign power, attempting to destroy the missile base using his all-new, all-massive Humanoid and its nipples of doom. GOOD.