Tales to Astonish #76

Posted in To Be HULKinued · Dec. 1, 2016, 1:18 p.m. · 128 words

"I, Against a World!" — There is a thing you should know about me and it is this: I am an absolute sucker for stories set in a grim, ruined future. So this story, which has the Hulk battling an army in a setting that feels like Mad Max gone Mediaeval, gets me tremendously excited -- which may not be a true reflection of its quality. Actually, the ten pages Lee and Kirby have this issue doesn't give them much space to flesh out the setting, but when the metallic tripods of the Evil One stomp through the wreckage of Washington on the last page I get the same goosebumps I get from things like Days of Future Past and Maniac Mansion 2. You know, the classics. GOOD.