Tales to Astonish #81

Posted in To Be HULKinued · Dec. 6, 2016, 1:18 p.m. · 110 words

"The Stage is Set!" — While Bruce Banner wanders shirtless through underground tunnels, Gamma Base comes under attack from possibly the worst wardrobe Kirby ever gave a supervillain. This is the murderous menace of the man called Boomerang, who arrives swathed in red cargo pants, a pointy metal helmet with bolt-on goggles, antenna and a chin-strap, and a baggy canvas shirt adorned with suction cups and a spangly letter B strapped across the chest. Readers of the whacked-out cosmic Sixties Marvel comics often took the strait-laced Kirby for a habitual drug user; here he has apparently mainlined a heroic dose of some narcotic that totally destroys your fashion sense. EH.