Tales to Astonish #87

Posted in To Be HULKinued · Jan. 28, 2017, 7:39 p.m. · 128 words

"The Humanoid and the Hero!" — After having something of a change of heart on the destroying-the-Hulk issue, the Army tries to help take down the Humanoid instead, in a lengthy fight sequence. But more importantly, this month's subplot features the return of Boomerang, with a repeat appearance that sees him immediately binning his old costume, having decided the smock covered with suction cups was not a good look. Sadly his definition of improvement involves replacing the baggy cargo pants with a standard tights and trunks combo but keeping the spangly 'B' chest emblem, this time accented by decorative bandoliers and a cummerbund with a glued-on boomerang pointed at the crotch. The end result is an outfit that's a slightly different flavour of terrible, but an OKAY comic.